Friends of Ficifolia - Meet Priya of Sage Avenue


Welcome to Friends of Ficifolia, a series where we shine the spotlight on fellow female founded businesses. First up, Priya McPherson of Sage. Sage is Melbourne's newest handbag brand. We spoke to Priya to get the goss on all things business, style and fragrance.


What's your star sign?

Pisces all the way girlfriend & you best believe I am such a pisces (such a romantic over here).


What is your work/business?

I own a handbag business born and bred out of Melbourne, called Sage.


What does an average day in your life look like?

My days are never two of the same! They are all so different but I love and embrace it fully, However, If I had to sum it up in the best way possible. My day usually starts with a work ( I love to wake up slowly and surrounded by nature before I get into the antics of the day) Once I get home I typically dive into replying to DMs or emails - engaging with our customers is my favourite thing to do. Then I would plan content & execute it too - whether this be mood boarding for up coming shoots, creating stories or even making a TikTok. I would then look into packing some orders or designing new bags. Then off to Pilates or Yoga & back home to do just a bit more work before heading into bed.


If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice before starting this role/business, what would it be?

Ooo good question - I would most likely tell myself to not let judgement get the better of you. Trust your gut and your style - you can do it.


What is your proudest career moment, as of right now?

Oh my! Sage was styled in a Melbourne Fashion Week runway show this year & it was such a special moment for us!!


Name 3 people who are inspiring you atm

Coming in hot - my MUMMA. She is my all time inspiration , an entrepreneur herself (owns 4 businesses) and is just such a powerhouse in my life. My beautiful boyfriend Vincent, he is killing it both at work and in life. V owns a streetwear inspired brand based in Melbourne called PushPull. Always in ore of his drive, passion and creativity. Last but not least, Bella Hadid (such a style icon).


Describe your personal style in 3 words

Vintage, streetwear, R&B


What are your top 3 beauty essentials atm?

Sunshine drops by drunk elephant (my favourite item for when its colder - gives me that summer glow), Avene gentle cleanser, Australis eyebrow Gel (I could not find an eyebrow gel that actually kept my eyebrows up until I came across this Australis gel from Priceline. Its the shit - I wear it every day, definitely recommend!


A wardrobe item on high rotation?

All my bomber jackets are on high-rotation right now. All I'm saying is that those bad boys return to duty every winter, and if I didn't wear one every day during the colder months, you'd be astonished. Winter essential thats for sure.


Your first scent memory?

Would definitely have to be Coromandel by Chanel - my Mums signature scent. It is the first scent I remember and it always evokes a sense of love, warmth and cosy-ness.


What does Melbourne smell like?

Melbourne smells like roasted coffee, fresh gum trees with a tint of floral.


Your signature scent proflie?

floral, aquatic, fresh fragrance are my favourite scents. That kind of sweet, yet not too sweet with a tint of crisp smell (does that even make sense - hopefully you get my gist). .


Favourite Ficifolia fragrance?

Intermission for sure! I love the woody with a touch of citrus component to the scent.