Ficifolia Fragrances was conceptualised in the Melbourne lockdowns during the Covid pandemic. I was unable to do the things  I enjoy, be with the people I love or explore the places special to me. The olfactive senses have the strongest link to memory and emotion of all the senses, so if I couldn’t physically be there, I wanted to at least smell like I was

Ficifolia is an ode to our Australian lives, capturing those uniquely Australian smells, reminiscing our favourite places, people, time passes, and traditions. These are special moments that can be experienced by all through smell, no matter where in the world. Ficifolia is a premium brand, with a quirky and youthful flair, which embodies the laidback lifestyle of Australians in the most luxurious way. 

Sophie Marcoux

Ficifolia Founder


At Ficifolia, we believe that creating a product you love should not harm our beautiful land. We are committed to driving a sustainable and responsible future.

Our perfume boxes and Flight Deck packaging is certified FSC, GMO-free and made from the waste residues of fruit and nuts. It contains 40% post-consumer recycled waste and is produced with 100% green energy.

All our remaining packaging (labels, boxes, wrapping & more) is made from recycled cardboard or FSC Certified paper. We’re always working on improving our practices and striving to make a positive difference in the world each & every day, in everything we do.