How To Sample a Perfume

Ever wondered why a perfume smells amazing on your bestie but smells like sh*t on you? We'll teach you how to find the perfume right for you.





This is due to your skin’s natural scent, pH level and temperature. It can get a little complex but simply put, perfume is made up of differently sized scent particles. Top notes are the smallest particles, heart notes are slightly bigger and base notes have the biggest molecular size. The top notes are the first to reach your nose as they are the smallest and easiest to burn off the skin, while the base notes are longest lasting as they require the most heat to be released. This explains why a perfume can smell different within the first 30 seconds versus an hour later.


Commitment can be hard, so we’ve made it easy. With every 100ml Ficifolia purchase, you will receive a 2ml sample of the juice to try before you commit to your perfume. If you don’t find yourself compatible with the perfume and the box is unopened, you can return your purchase for a full refund. Win!


It's important to factor this in when sampling a perfume – you need to understand how the perfume will perform on your skin and enjoy it the whole way through. There is a two-step process to best sample your new fragrance before c


Sample with a scent strip:


Step 1: Spray the perfume onto a scent strip in a downward direction from 20cm away. Give the scent strip a little wave to help evaporate the perfume’s alcohol.


Step 2: Take an initial whiff, you’ll notice the top notes first. What can you smell? There are no real wrong answers, it’s up to your brain’s interpretation.


Step 3: Place the strip down onto a clean surface and come back in 5-10 minutes. The heart and base notes begin to shine. This is what your perfume will smell like for much of its wear time.


Step 4: Place the strip down onto a clean surface once again and come back in an hour or two. Now the base notes have truly taken over, the heaviest parts of the juice are here to party.


Now that you’ve experienced the fragrance via scent strip, now repeat the same process on your wrist.